I asked few friends, “Do you think I should give myself a birthday shout out on my blog?”. The Yeses overshadowed the Nos. Someone asked, did you have to ask that? Common, it’s your blog. Yea, but I could be “pen-shy”. So here I am.

First things first. I’m immensely grateful- to God, my family, friends, readers, fans (if I have any.lol) for Everything- the additions, substractions, multiplications and so forth. God bless you real good.

Wow! Two decades and a half on planet earth. I told myself, another birthday has arrived? But it really seems only yesterday that I was a whole year younger! I remember every single thing that happened last year. It’s feels so wonderful that I’m standing before another one – so soon.

A little about me- I’m 4 out of 5 (my position in the family). The only girl (this should answer numerous questions on my penchant for football), ‘quarter to tomboy’, single and being searched.lol, bubbly, energetic, ambitious, optimistic, restless and of course very pesky.

Pastimes- writing (mostly poems), playing scrabble and watching good movies/football. Dreams- being a celebrated writer, a quintessential PR Executive and outstanding success in all I do. Fears- getting married to a wrong partner and not making Heaven.

Lastly, I’m not yet fulfilled, I’m on the path and I’m going confidently in the direction of my dreams. Thank You for being part of my life. For making it amazing and worth living.

Happy Birthday to me and other beautiful souls born today. It’s been an amazing journey. God’s grace is unfathomable. Thank you for the birthday messages….they’ve kept me and are still keeping me overly-busy.

I adore you all.