Former Heavy Weight Champion, Mike Tyson is tired of the life he's living, although he hasn't really had good records (rape cases, ear biting and all) but he's determined to ditch all that and live a new life. "I wanna change my life, I wanna live a different life now". He told reporters

The death of his daughter also compounded the woes of the renowned sports man, infact, he almost ended his life after 4 year-old Exodus choked to death while playing sometime 2009.

"I didn't think I'd be here much longer. I was planning on killing myself. I was overdosing every night, I had to change my life. It's been hell, but I'm happy to be alive." He confessed.

The 47 year-old who's warming up to be a boxing promoter has finally admitted his alcohol and drugs issues plus his failed rehab attempts.