Few days ago, some alleged marijuana pictures believed to be posted on actress, Tonto Dikeh's instagram generated a lot of controversy in the social media. Infact, an NDLEA agent who got wind of the issue said she might face 15-year prison sentence if found in possession of the narcotics. The Rivers-State born thespian has however cleared the air, insisting they were all made up.

"As much as I would like to ignore the current issue on hemp, I think I owe well-meaning people some clarification. It is so easy the misconception that can come from a picture- the genius of technology.

If you cannot find me holding a wrap of marijuana then you may want to slow down on your assumptions. We shouldn't use our platforms to spread half-truths

A fan wrote those words with herbs on my birthday on instagram, and I replied: "Thank you #teampoko". Now, how does someone else's action become my crime?

If I said those words ('Mi smoke ganja, mi smoke weed, while my hatez smoke ma gossip' ) I will stand by them, but I didn't, and just because it is convenient for people to believe the lies, still doesn't make it the truth.

The whole thing is falsified by people who just love to have fun at other's expense. Let's put some thought to some of the things we write. Don't do cut-and-paste. The original pictures are there to see; but no! That is too boring to be the truth.

We want the truth to be nasty and spicy for our enjoyment, even if it is a pack of lies. Visit my instagram page and see if the original picture is the same as the ones being circulated.