Jose Mourinho's return has been signed, sealed and delivered. Sure Chelsea fans have still not recovered from the "good news". It was the Portuguese's first press conference at Stamford Bridge. You could tell from his speech that he's happy to be back in Chelsea. Read on."I am the happy one. Time flies. It looks like it was a couple of years but it was nine years ago. Since then a lot happened. I am a very happy person. It's the first time I arrived in a club where I already love the club. I always trust my work. I know many people that belong to the club and the kind of mentality and ambition. My career was built on success, in every club. The club is much more important than ourselves. We are nobody compared with the club. I keep hearing I was sacked [in '07]. That was not true. It was a mutual agreement at that time. It was a sad moment but I don't regret that decision. At Inter I had probably the best moment of my career.At Madrid we had the record of the best team in Spanish history. For Chelsea, things went well too. There was never a break of relation. It wouldn't be possible for me to be here today. I think I am back because we feel we are in the best moment & ready to work together again. I am more than happy to be back, very calm and very relaxed.I didn't choose a comfortable position because I am returning to a house where I was happy and successful where the fans love me. I have more responsibility because of that. Expectations are higher because people know what I can deliver. This club has a special fanbase… [but] I want to be loved for what I can do from now. After 13 years you realise [when you started] you knew nothing. My adventures around Europe were fantastic for me.
I am now prepared [to stay for a long time]. Before I wasn't.I just want to be calm, to be working every day and give the best I can. I am just so sorry the pre-season doesn't start tomorrow. I am where I want to be. It is up to me to work hard and show my club I deserve to be here for a long time.
I decided I was going to leave my previous club. That was the triggerThe PL is a competition the best team wins. Let's try to be the best but know that another five teams also want to be the best. I need the challenge that is coming up now. It's not going to be easy. I am happy to be back in this club, this league & this city. Chelsea invested a lot in the players – it's my job to extract the best out of that investment.