This week on the Nigerian Idol competition. Here's a letter, more like an opinion from a fan and follower of the show to the judges.

Dear Femi, Yinka and Daniel,

How are you? Thank you for judging yet another exciting season of Nigerian Idol. It has been another strong crop of really great singers this year, and in the group of 12 you have some of the most exciting

vocalists this side of the Sahara.

But I have a bone to pick with you. As much as you have bonded and connected with these young men and women who pour their hearts and souls on stage every night, their connection to you need to tell them so many home truths:

1.They need to sing the whole song, not just the chorus—there's no point struggling through the notes then hitting it big. A superstar needs carry an entire song. Or 10.

2.They go off key quite often—see point above. These contestants need to realise that staying on key throughout the song is essential. Ain't nobody goin' pay to listen to bad music, even if it is entertaining.

3.They need to listen to wider variety of music, including stuff they don't like, and they have to know their music history. It pays to be educated about music, songs and song choices. Know that it was not

Jennifer Hudson who originally sang "And I am Telling You".

4.They have to be fit. The contestants run around on stage for two minutes and they are already out of breath and losing control of their voices. How will they cope with an entire concert? I'm lookin' at you


You know what though, judges? You have told them some one big truth—it takes more than being a fabulous singer to make it in the entertainment business. These contestants need to command the stage and own it; make people sit up and watch, and Nigerian Idol still has a few gems in there that need a little more polish.

So judges, I'll give you a 6/10 for performance. Let's hope we can get

it to a 9.

Yours faithfully,

A Huge Fan

PS: Yinka I love you! Get your cray on!