Here's an update on the ongoing Nigerian Idol competition.

Moses, aka "the teddy bear" blew the competition out of the water as well as getting one of the "pimp spots" of the evening (usually the first, second to last and last performances of the evening), he sang a stunning version of Maroon 5's ''She will be loved''.

The crowd and the judges were duly impressed with guest judge for the evening, Sasha P, telling him, "For the first time this evening, I have no 'but'." And Jeffrey Daniel, one of the permanent judges on the panel told him, "You take us on a journey every time you sing!"

His singing was spot on, and it looked like he took Judge Femi Kuti's advice on keeping up the performance throughout the song. He started off really weirdly though, stroking some velvet cape on his cheek. Still, the rest of the performance was strong and he sailed through.

At this point, it looks like the teddy bear has grown some claws, and is using them to claw his way to the top, head and shoulders above the other competitors. Who can beat him?

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