; a job search engine for Africa, which is revolutionizing the job market across Africa has been created.

Africans have always being accustomed to the traditional ways of finding jobs, which are local newspapers, word of mouth from friends, bill boards, fliers, TV commercials and more recently Online Job sites. was created to help Africans find jobs anywhere and everywhere faster. It crawls/indexes all job sites in Africa and delivers the results in a uniquely arranged format to any jobseeker based on their search.


It basically searches every African jobsite, corporate website, blog or social network on the world wide web for jobs, gets these feeds and provides it to any jobseeker based on their search criteria. Whether you are a Nigerian in South Africa, that seeks to work in Ethiopia or Ghana, is the site for you.

How can a Job Seeker use jobclickr?

1.Log on to the site,

2.Select the country you wish to find jobs in, enter the job description you seek and it will bring jobs in that field to you..If you want to search by city, click the city tab and select the city you desire.


3.Jobclickr will search over 5,000 job boards, blogs and newspapers(including this blog) and will deliver the results to you immediately.


Jobclickr is owned and operated by Mr.Neme Muoka, a young Nigerian based in NewYork. He is a physics graduate from Federal university of Technology Owerri (FUTO). He launched his first business when he was 16yrs, he’s worked for American Software Resources, Google and a host of other software companies.