Ex-BBA winner, Karen Igho is mad at the moment. The smirn off event she went for last night turned out to be a nightmare. She expressed her pain via some tweets this morning.

" Wow I got slapped at a smirnof party, by a security guard!!! is it because I'm a woman? He loaded his gun and put it to my face at the car park, Said he will shoot me if I don't give him money..I said I didn't have. He slap me!! Now my face is swollen and I'm in pain!! The slap sent me landing on the floor and hitting my head

All I wanted to do was to go support my friend @DENRELE_EDUN who hosted the event. I feel abused and hurt.

Even my father has never slapped me like this and the loading of the gun to shoot me wow am in shock. I know I have a good heart but I won't let this go with out fighting for justice cos he might do it to someone else"

Trust me, a security guard/ bouncer's slap is one of the worst 'varieties' of slap in the entire world. We don't know what transpired between the two, we just heard one person's version …..but assaulting a woman will forever be decried by the society.

Anyways Karen, pls accept this heart-felt SORRY…..I know that feeling