I need to take a deep breath on this one. The last time I checked, it isn’t a crime for an entertainer or an artiste to diversify into other lines of businesses. We’ve seen a couple of actor or actresses who at one point or the other went to the studio to release singles; Omotola, Genevieve, Gabriel Afolayan and recently Tonto Dike and Stella Damasus who released theirs yesterday or so.

Blogsphere or the two most popular social sites, Facebook and twitter went seismic yesterday over Tonto Dike’s songs whereas not the slightest form of fuss was raised on Stella’s. I understand that one sang better than the other and it’s not a crime for fans, or music freaks to register their disappointment or satisfaction after listening to both.
I listened to the two songs and honestly, they didn’t sound as baaaad as people profess(ed) it to be. Besides ( I wrote it last week (quoting Bon online) that she said her song was going to leave you dazed, meaning she ‘warned’ you before hand.lol
Was tonto’s song that bad or people just felt like blowing it out of proportion? Even if the songs are bad, one thing is she or both are rookies in the music industry and if they have found another calling in music there can always be room for improvement.
I know first impression lasts but there are some artistes whose first single turned out to be epic fail but they later picked up, let’s just hope someone sings a much more better song next time. So it’s not yet ova.looool