By: Temitope Bolarinwa
I won't cry when you are gone I'm used to the hurt. Just like the other ones i've been simple enough to allow be the source of my joy, you have began to talk about how fantastic some of others like me are. Just like a few of them, at the very moment that our union began to make you appear like you are super human. The trend is so exact i can predict what will happen next, just at the time it looked like it was going to be more than just a union you begin to speak of moving on, i've handed my heart out and have handled walkaways. To be honest I wont even be surprised at yours. Just like a couple of them you have pulled out of our annual vacation claiming you need rest, if not for the fact that the trend looks so exact I would have asked that you bear with me another year but to be honest yet again, I know this cycle and imma not gonna try to stop the wheel. I'd rather make myself happy by the fact that my prediction of the wheel comes through than have you here half hearted. Yes you say other guys throw
more of the money around but you knew me even before you became this important in my life. You know how much of investment i've been through and you see its all yielding well. You can agree well that with my present limited resources you are quite a priority; apart from 'paying the bills'. Its just that you have failed to see yourself as a part of me. I see you as an end and you see me as a means. Shaking my head now I know such is life. And need I remind you others did exactly the same. Some of them moved on and I even got better, to be honest many of them have not had it as good as when we were together, just a few of them have been able to quite justify their move on, i remember clearly te one that was home sick. I told myself then that my next love will be to a local but you still got me convinced. You are not homesick; its either you are sick or our relationship has a fever. Whitney houston will be proud of me here as i say i hope life treats u well and i hope you get all you've always wished for, but to be honest do i wish you trophies? Robin Van Persie when you move on honestly I would just feel good that i predicted right again.Believe it or not its just the tears of an emotional Arsenal fan.
Why is RVP's imminent exit evoking reactions. Issokay!