The difference is money will be involved this time around. Another interesting angle is the organizer wants Rihanna to be the ring lady! How funny!

And who suggested this?

Damon Feldman a Boxing promoter deemed it necessary to organize a rematch after the duo engaged in fisticuffs on June 15 at Manhattan's W.i.P. nighclub over Rihanna, whom they dated.

A certain billionaire named Alki David would pay each 'celebrity fighter' $1 million and would donate an additional $1 million to charity. The fight would be held either in Las Vegas or Los Angeles on August 25.

Though it is very unlikely the fight will ever happen but 50 Cent already knows the winner.

He told MTV News Chris Brown would be slipping and moving "I don't see Drake doing that. Chris be havin' his shirt off. He got one of them MMA fighter looks."