These are not my words. I got this press release from a music critic on Vector and
Reminisce! Read on!Several weeks have gone past after the release of the track AQ and Vector, i decided to give it a listening ear just as I listen to several upcoming acts and new arrivals who do good music.
It was intentional i did not give in to distractions as there are several other useful things to be taken care of in the music factory.
I know this short epistle will raise eyebrows amidst both Vector and Reminisce fans, but before you make any comments, remember i don't and won't sing, i'm just doing my job as a music factory critic.
I would start this lamemtation from the rear, talking about the most recent distraction that happened in the music factory. When i first heard news of the track, i somewhat knew what to expect from a former UniLag graduate. I expected good and polished english, but i just did not expect VEC to go very personal. One question that always stood on my mind ever since was why would these dudes decide to go live back in the past? Come to think of it, asides the good use of words, that track was indeed a distraction. Who's more commercial, Reminisce or Vector? I leave you to that.
Back in the days when beef tracks were made, they were done with a lot of consideration of the enjoyment by fans, but what is in that to be enjoyed. Go ask Abolore how a diss track is made.
Although, a couple of facts could be picked from VEC, but as an artiste with mutual respect for a fellow artiste's career, i think that was poor. As a critic, i could also be of the school of thought that the beat made kako bi chicken, in other words, Reminisce gotta get more clinical. I wouldn't say the video was low budget because fingers aint equal, i'll rather call it an eye sore.
Take a cue from the days of Tupac and Biggie. If they were alive, they would have been in their early 40s. One fact is no matter how hard you diss each other, you'll never attain that legendary status, so what's your gain?
Even back here at home, this same saga left a man as a lyricist on the roll, the other struggling with commercial music, don't ask me who.
I suggest, it's high time both of you got matured. Think about the fans, do good music, let sorrows be forgotten, make your money and go live your life.
Diss tracks don't have to get very personal, even MI did his maturedly and on a spectacular beat.
Pardon me as i remind you both that your first albums book of rap nonsense and rubbish state of surprise were commercial failures and you both got wack videos for good songs, Angeli and Kako bi chicken, so why the cry?
I won't pitch my tent with any of you dudes as you obvviously care more about ego that enjoyment of your fans.
Even the young lad Olamide who reportedly dissed Choc boiz, refuted this as he saw no gain in it, he's more concerned about his fans.To Reminisce, i will succinctly say that as this 'ego competition' goes, you're losing. My advice for you is that you drop a good response and end this once and for all. I wouldn't be in a position to tell you what to do, but i'll advise you take a cue from 9ice's 'Talk i'm listening'.Finally, i will also advise that you should be more concerned about your commercial success, if you dudes continue like this, you'll end up in the category of popular broke rap stars. So in a few words, i ask that you wisen up. Peace.
I actually mean no harm.