Fashogbon Abiodun David, Fashie fizzie who just made an impressive comeback to the entertainment industry has declared his intentions to take over the Nigerian music scene.
The young and energetic clothier, who is the rave of the moment in Ibadan whose therapeutic love song 'Oleku, is still bombarding the nation's airwaves has dropped a single, 'Black Sunday', this he dedicates to the victims of the ill-fated Dana Airplane which crashed on June 3.

"Music came as a result of pain. Music heals my heart and everything I touch turns to gold.  Music is a release from pressures and pains like I said earlier. As long as I have breath, I would continue to sing.

Music is a business that helps other businesses like fashion and marketing
communication. I strongly believe in building businesses that would help my
other businesses." He stated.

Fashie fizzie's debut album will be released before the end of this quarter.