What Nigerians looked forward to was the usual democratic speech at least to 'mark' his one year in office. But things took a different turn when the President (Goodluck Jonathan)announced that the University of Lagos would be named after a popular but now deceased politician, philanthropist&business man, Chief MKO Abiola. (From University of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University, Lagos)

The news certainly didn't sit down well with people who took to social sites (facebook&twitter), blackberry updates, streets, verandahs etc to express their disappointment, disgust and anger. According to them, renaming a university was the least the President could do in the country as more matters are pressing/ begging for attention. Others claimed the new name does not only sound drab but the Unilag brand has been destroyed.

To show their utmost disapproval some Unilag students just like the epic series (Prison break) teamed, spread out and are mounting vehement protests in differents parts of lagos. According to sources, areas covered are Jibowu, akoka, luth,unilag, onipanu etc (all within Yaba axis). They promised to spread to all parts of Lagos even in the rain.