For lovers of fashion accessories, spicing up your hands with Uru Diamonds isn't a bad idea. These trendy, unique&simple ornaments are known to add lots of glamour to one's appearance.

Made in Tanzania, East Africa, Uru diamonds specializes in exclusive hand crafted jewellery.

URU is an ancient Swahili term describing a powerful essence, such as that which comes from a diamond worn and cherished by African kings and queens.

The pieces are created using hand cast gold and silver combined with rough precious stones including diamonds, tanzanite, rubies, spinel and tsavorite. The bracelet straps are made from hand knotted threads or natural leathers in an endless array of colours and designs.

URU bracelets are available in two sizes, each fully adjustable due to their unique closing system. All URU jewellery is unisex in design and available in a wide variety of colours.