This has been in the news for about two or let's say a month now. Teenage-singer Justin Bieber has acquired prominent actor over comedian Eddie Murphey's ex wife's mansion in Calabasas, California, America.

The which was bought for a whooping sum of $6.5m house boasts of a large pool, a huge guest house and garage

a library, a movie theater with stadium seating, a wet bar and a

wine cellar, and the grounds include a pond.

Dailymail reports that earlier this ye Bieber hopes to install a computerised system which will allow him to have control of his home at his fingertips,

from the bathtub to the blinds and so many other things.

Here's what two of my friends said when I broke the news to them

Girl A: "$6.5m mansion?? Haba, that's too much for an 18 year-old boy.

Girl B: "What's too much? Is he not a superstar? If he can afford it, why not? Is it a crime to opt for something comfortable&befitting again?

Girl A: "That's where it starts from; the mansion and then girls, drugs, rehab& then a tainted career. This is extremely extravagant. He shouldn't live alone in this mansion

Girl B: "Huh! You can go&invite people from your village to keep his company….

The voices became louder&then incoherent, I walked away before objects start flying across the room. Why do the two of them want to kill themselves over an apartment they wouldn't even see the gate. Well, they are entitled to their opinions.

Source&photo credit: DailyMail