Self-styled entertainer and Nigerian music star, D'banj is still stepping up his game. During an interview in Ghana, the Ogun-state indigene disclosed his intentions of setting up his own record label.

The 32 year-old seasoned artiste who has for a while now remained unreachable in Nigeria didn't give lengthy details about the upcoming label.

"My new record label is being structured. What I have right now and I can tell you is that my new record label has worldwide distribution with Universal Music Group". he revealed.

The energetic performer& co-founder of the defunct Mo'hits label whose Oliver Twist song was ranked 8th on UK's music chart would rather see his label as a movement, he also made known of his plans of bringing Def Jam Universal Music Group to Africa.

"For me it's not about the record label, it's about the success story of the whole movement. It is about bringing the structure that has made music what music is in global world and bringing it to Africa" he added.

The big question is will D'banj's leverage and growing influence home&abroad make this label or rather movement a formidable force?
Is this going to be another if not a much more bigger Mo'hits? Would he feel Don Jazzy's impact (interms of those killer beats) or will he definitely find a better replacement?
Time will surely find its voice.

Can imagine D'banj's (anonymous) label members performing in the same concert/event with Don Jazzy's Mavin label crew on stage……LEBETE!!!

Source: Channels TV