Estranged Nigerian music star, Dapo Oyebanjo aka Dbanj has announced a dance competition for his widely accepted Oliver Twist track.

The 32 year-old enterpreneur implored his fans to record their own dance styles and upload it on his website.

"Once you've got the track make sure you check out our 'Oliver Twist' Dance Competition at Whether you're a seasoned professional, rank amateur, break-dancer, Zumba fanatic or Saturday night clubber we want YOU to enter!
"Just watch the video of D'Banj and his Kokoletts showing you some key moves from the 'Oliver Twist' video, then record your own routine and upload it to the website. The videos with the most Facebook 'Likes' will become our finalists and D'Banj will select ultimate winners.
"So download 'Oliver Twist' now, get on your dancing shoes and get ready to LEBETE!". He explained.

Don't think it's just about the physical exercises, there are prize tags to it.
While the best solo performer gets £500 and an exclusive pair of Adiddas trainers, the best group performance will have £500 and a private dance party for up to 12 people at Pineapple Studios in London.