For their first time in 44 years and in what can be described as a magical but thrilling manner, Manchester City’s brace at the stoppage time has landed them the 2011/2012 English premier League title.

Their victory which was delivered through Edin Dzeko& Sergio Aguero, came after a fierce battle with Queen Park Rangers.

Manchester United players were on the verge of celebrating their ‘imminent’ victory at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light after a 1-0 victory when news of Manchester’s ‘unexpected’ victory streamed in. I’m sure no one believed the extra minutes could give them a turn around

“Five minutes from the end I did not think we could win this game. We deserved to win this championship,” the overly excited Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini told Sky Sports.

Though both Manchester City and United finished on 89 points, the latter’s ‘sudden’ goal difference gave them the prominent title.
Congrats Manchester City!!! Yaya Toure couldn’t have had a better 29th birthday gift.
The Etihad stadium is ‘burning’ right now.

Sorry Manchester United fans, learnt you guys already printed your ’20th shirts’ (>_<)
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