Although this is a very belated gist, I just had to post the story immediately I got the pictures.
This happened about 3 weeks ago, April 11 to be precise, at Magodo phase 1 (between Magodo&Shangisha).
May God save me from

Incase you're wondering what happened here; Emeka Ike's wife drove into a supermarket, left her (about) 4 years old son in the car and went to purchase some things, by the time she returned, the son had pulled a Jean Claude Van Damme.
He turned the key in the ignition and the car moved eventually damaging another car parked along the road.

I can imagine the shock on her face by the time she returned and saw the scenario….especially the damage done to the car.

Thank God nothing happened to the little boy sha.

Little children can like to 'experiment' they can like to drive you mad train you for hypertension. The shout of 'Leave it', 'Don't touch that thing' and other phrases is another course on its own.