Voting for the best Nigeria Food Industry brands, organisations, personalities, states and banks is still ongoing.

With just over 30 Days to the maiden edition of the Nigeria Food Industry Awards, 14 different Nigeria Food Industry categories are currently being voted for by consumers (the kings) at the official website of the Nigeria Food Industry.


1) Best Fast Food Outlet of the Year

2) Best Noodles of the Year

3) Best Fruit Juice of the Year

4) Best Food Seasoning of the Year

5) Best Beverage Drink of the Year

6) Best Packaged Water of the Year

7) Best Malt Drink of the Year

8) Best Alcoholic Drink of the Year

9) Best Soft Drink of the Year

10) Best Beef Sausage Roll of the Year

11) Best Milk of the Year

12) Outstanding Contribution Award

13) Food Industry State of the Year

14) Food Industry Bank of the Year

To vote for your favourite food brands,

organizations, personalities and states, visit

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