From their weekly earnings, endorsements and probably private businesses, Forbes brings you the list of top ten highest paid footballers.I still have a little problem with Samuel Eto'O's missing name, though to compile the list, they looked through commercial sponsor filings and spoke with talent agencies and soccer experts in the U.S. and Europe. All earnings are in U.S. dollars for salaries, incentives and sponsorship income earned in the 2011 calendar year.The top 10:
1.David Beckham, Los Angeles Galaxy ($46 million)2.Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid ($42 million)3.Lionel Messi, Barcelona ($39 million)4.Wayne Rooney, Manchester United ($24 million)5.Kaka, Real Madrid ($21 million)6.John Terry, Chelsea ($18 million)7.Yaya Toure, Manchester City ($18 million)8.Fernando Torres, Chelsea ($17 million)9.Frank Lampard, Chelsea ($16 million)10.Steven Gerrard, Liverpool ($16 million)