What makes this picture hilarious to me is the way the guy was made (I think) to kneel down in public. And the girl's (I told you not to do it) look is a little bit funny too. And why the gathering??? I'm sure this is a product of 'private lesson'. May God forgive our guys/boys/men.Of course this isn't new. They call such hit&run. In this guy's case, he was caught but only God knows if he would take off or be locked down.
Many guys look forward to doing their NYSC in distant villages because of this kind of 'opportunity or benefit' and then they take off when their time is up. Is this supposed to be a parting gift or what? God will forgive you all.(Lol) But the girl is always at the receiving end, taking care of the child, at times sent out of her parents house; the guy returns to his base, gets a job and starts a new life with of course a 'cleaner' girl.