In less than 60 days, the maiden edition of the Nigerian Food Industry will be staged at the prestigious Golden Tulip, Hotel in Festac Town on Monday, 28th May, 2012.
The big question is, which Beverage Drink will the consumers pick as their best? 

Vote your favourite food brands, companies, outlets and so on on the official website ( or on facebook at (

One of the categories of the awards is The Best Beverage Drink of the Year!!!

The seven contending brands for this category are:

1) Milo

2) Bournvita

3) Ovaltine

4) Horlicks

5) Peak Choko

6) Suco

7) Nescafe


However, as at 21:11pm on Wednesday (28th March), Milo waas clearly leading with a percentage of 53.78% votes, followed by Bournvita and Ovaltine with vote percentages of 19.95% and 8.75% respectively.


Vote your favourite brand and spread the word to others. By 28th May, total votes would be collated by renowned names and the outright winner would be announced.


*Visit to vote.