Here is my list (in alphabetic order) of top ten talented actors and actresses who have been away from the screen for sometime now.
While some of them dumped their scripts for marriage and relocated overseas, diversified into other careers, others are taking up roles in soap operas, directing/producing.
Several years ago, they rocked our television screens, made movies worth seeing and probably through their fantastic acting skills suggested acting career to us.

Can we safely say we have found their replacements in mainstream actresses like Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo, Nonso Diobi, Tonto Dike and the rest?

1) Alex Lopez-Tall Brazilian-Nigerian actress has made her mark as long as acting is concerned. But the tall artiste has been quite absent for now.
Filmography: Piccidally, Daughters of Eve, Moving Train, the latest at the cinema,entitled, Pradah, Sisters on the run etc

2) Charles Okafor- Nollywood’s list of veteran actors would never be complete without including Charles Okafor’s name.
The 50 year-old Theatre Arts graduate who became popular in epic film ‘Ighodo’ is one professional who knows the ropes of acting. He was more regular in the late 90s.
Filmography: Domitilla, Rituals, Oracle, Lost Kingdom, Saving Alero, Igodo, Boiling Point, Between Love, and Forest of Promises.
3) Liz Benson- She is unarguably one of Nigeria’s most prolific actresses and remains a role model to lots of established and upcoming ones.
The Dramatic Arts graduate who lost her husband many years ago is now an Evangelist.
Filmography: Glamour Girls, Diamond Ring, True Confession, Evil
Men, Shame, Conspiracy, Izaga, Burden, Stolen Child, Faces, Dead End, Tycoon, Body of Vengeance, Political Control, Women in power, Tokotaya etc

4) Pat Attah- one-time Nollywood loverboy, Pat Attah has been away for some time now. The handsome actor who resides in Germany also doubles as a musician. Infact, he’s presently working his debut album.
Filmography: After The Marriage, Be Not Afraid, Immaterial, Extreme Measure, Joy of a Mother, Secret Fantasy, and Spirit of Love, and I Want My Money etc

5) Regina Askia-Hazel-eyed Regina Williams and 1989 most beautiful girl came into limelight after her role in Zeb Ejiro’s Fortune series aired in the 1990s.
The 45 year-old model zoomed out of Nollywood after her secret marriage to American businessman Rudolph Williams which saw her relocating to the United States.
Filmography: Full moon, festival of fire, Dangerous babe, Veno to mention a few
6) Rita Nzelu- Rita is also a renowned Nollywood actress. Back then, Rita who stopped acting about 10 years ago often interpreted the roles of a student, husband-snatcher/prostitute or a saucy wife well.
However, there are speculations that. Rita may also become an Evangelist just like Eucharia Anunobi and Liz Benson.
Filmography: Iyanga, Terrible sin, Ukwa, Good Mother, Holy Cup, A cry of help, Unforgiven, buried alive, Women Affair etc

7)Saint Obi- Lanky and talented Obinna Nwafor who got married few days ago used to be one of the most recognized actors in the movie industry, that was about 14/15 years ago.
Filmography: Candle light, Take Me to Mama, Candle Light, Sakobi, Goodbye Tomorrow, Heart of Gold, Festival of Fire, Executive Crime etc

8) Sandra Achums- Take it or leave it, Sandra is also one thespian who has paid her dues. About a decade and a half years ago, the A-list actress who gave birth to a girl two months ago used to dominate movie jackets.
The Imo-state indigene dumped acting several years back after her first marriage and relocation to Germany.
Filmography: The Billionaire, Ungrateful, Crisis, Dead End, Dead is a Woman, Fever ,Fire, Gone Forever, Grace To Grass, Hatred, Hit the Street, Hypocrite, Jungle Justice, Love Without Language, Made In Heave, My Flesh My Blood, Oil Village, Out Of Control, Pastors’ Wife, Searching For Love etc

9) Susan Patrick- Who wouldn’t remember Sakobi the Snake?
Akwa-Ibom born Susan Patrick is undoubtedly a brilliant role-interpreter.
The mother of one left the stage after she got married to an ex-policeman who died sometime 2006.
Filmography- Between Love, Put It On Me, Total Control, Disciples Of Death, At Loose Ends, After Promise, Agony, Behind Me, Eclipse Of Love, Gentle Solution, Love Is Blind, Married To A Witch etc

10) Victoria Inyama-Okri- Back then, Victoria was one of the most vibrant actresses Nollywood ever produced.
But the talented artiste took a break after she walked down the aisle in 2005 and then moved to London with her husband.
She (probably) made a U-turn lastyear when she took up a role in ‘Housemates’.
Filmography- Gangsta Paradise, Fools, Iyanga, Sisters on the run etc