Hello Readers, here is the concluding part of the story I started on monday, if you’re reading this for the first time, check my archive (scroll down the left side of this blog) for the beginning of the story. Enjoy!!
Doctor Joshua couldn’t remove her gaze on the frail girl, the white mask over her nose and the system beside her. How could she have done this to herself? He wondered aloud. Dr Aina walked briskly to his side.
what’s sup Joshua, thought you were going home.”
“I just can’t leave like that.”
While they were still talking, a nurse came to take the little girl’s blood sample for laboratory investigation.
An hour later, a middle-aged woman rushed in.
Good afternoon sir. Pls my daughter was rushed here about four hours ago, pls may I see her”
Dr Aina gave her a long stare, “So you are Debrah’s mother”.

“Yes I am”

“Hmmmmm!” He sighed. “She’s in a critical condition now, as a matter of fact, she’s on oxygen and needs a lot of observation, so you may just have to hang around”.
At about 9pm, Dor Josh drove into the hospital
“How far Dr Yemi Aina?” He said staring at debrah

“She should come round anytime soon. The blood sample results are here and there are improvement signs. Meanwhile her mother is here, she’s waiting for her outside”

“Her mother? Anyways I don’t have time for that now” he took a seat and sighed, “I’ve not been able to do anything reasonable since I got home, my mind has been here”.

Debrah’s face was springing out water, Dr Joshua’s voice was loud and clear.
“What is wrong with you? You know quite clear that DIABETIC patients don’t take sugary things. Do you want to kill yourself? Answer me? You would have gone, gone a long time if not for God’s intervention, you were not supposed to touch the cheapest biscuit, what were you doing with 2 bottles of coke?

“It’s okay Joshua”

Aina this is painful, how many patients do I really care for this much. I took interest in her because she has an aweful sickness at the age of 13. The other time I sent her to the laboratory to get her results only for her to forge the result and bring it back to me, I spoke to her, I cautioned and pleaded with her. What else does she want me to do? Now she went to school to take not even a sip, two bottles of coke just because she was tired of living and her friends were accusing her of being HIV positive, I told you countless time, don’t listen to them.”

‘It’s still alright Joshua, we can’t really blame her.”

“I’m sorry sir. Dr Aina please help me beg him. I won’t do it again.” Debrah was barely audible, the tears poured in.
Her mother rushed in

“Please who is the doctor that has been footing her bills…”
“Woman, I am so disappointed in you, you call yourself a mother and you’re acting this way. What has she done to deserve a cold attitude from you. Your 13 year-old daughter is diabetic and the least you could do is to be so harsh and unconcerned, I’m even surprised you’re here” he hissed loud.

“It’s not my fault sir. It was this same sickness that claimed his father’s life at 38. And I have just three of them, that’s why?…

‘That’s why what? That’s why you left her to her fate?? He snapped. “To be miserable and die afterwards?”

The woman was mute. She cleaned her wet face with the back of her hand as he spoke.
This girl needs love and attention. She needs your care. How can she be coming for check ups all alone? Why?

It’s bad enough that she has this ailment at this age but a cold attitude from her mother will kill her in no time”
Turning to Debrah, “this would be the last time I’ll tell you this, if you don’t change, I’ll hands off your case”.
‘I won’t do it again I promise. Thank you Dr Josh, Thank you Dr Aina, I love you so much mum. Where are my siblings…..” She stared at the ceiling and closed her eyes afterwards.
She was gone.
Based on a True Life Story.