Toni Payne, former US-based cosmetologist turned Public Relations Executive cum consultant is one personality who doesn't need introduction.
The self-styled Olori and CEO, Toni Payne Concepts; a music, beauty and fashion firm is one dynamic and versatile individual who has created a niche for herself in the entertainment industry.
Come April, the enstranged wife of Yoruba lyricist; Abolore Akande a.k.a 9ice who introduced her unique online radio few months back will unveil her new reality series.
With Toni Payne: My ChamPayne Life; the ravishing socialite would give her avid followers and fans an insight into her diurnal activities as a PR Executive, enterpreneur and mother.
Powered by Reel E Networks; the reality show will be beamed across STV NETWORKS (Monday 2pm), TVC (Wednesday 630pm), DBN LAGOS (Tuesday 11pm & Saturday 9:30pm), ITV ABJ (Tuesday 6:30pm), ITV BENIN (Thursday 10:30pm), BCOS IBADAN (Friday 10pm, Tuesady 9am), ESTV ENUGU (Wednesday 10:30pm), DBS ASABA (Tuesday 10:30pm) MBI Obosi (Saturday 10:30pm) it will also be aired on MNET as well as TV stations in the UK and USA.