Hello Readers, this piece is a truelife story. Enjoy
“You wouldn’t talk to anybody, you don’t want to have anything to do with anybody, you are just a big snub. You will die soon”. Roseline shouted. The ‘die soon’ jolted Debra out of her reverie, she stood up, ran to her direction and squeezed her shirt. 
“You don’t have any right to judge me, you don’t know what is going in my life, don’t you ever talk to me like that, you unreasonable demon“. Her voice was teary, she cleaned the mucus in her nose before reaching for her seat.
Roseline was sorry for that statement. She read pain and frustration in her eyes. So many thoughts ran through her mind as she smoothened her uniform. Should she apologise? Go to her and calmly ask what’s wrong? She shrugged off and dashed out of the virtually empty classroom. She could care less.
Debrah’s sobs were getting louder and louder, sensing the break time was almost over, she placed her head over her desk and continued crying.

“Maybe she’s HIV positive or what else could explain her incessant visits to the laboratory” the three girls stopped to buy roasted corn which they divided equally and quickly feasted on.
“It is possible”. Yetunde nodded. She’s tired of life, she rejects everything you offer her; a bottle of coke, a piece of cake….”

“Even biscuits, I remember her throwing it back at me one time like that”. Chika revealed
They flagged down a taxi and hurried in.
Back at the Federal Medical Centre, hot tears raced down Debrah’s cheeks as she watched the Doctor write the usual report on a green form. He looked up to see her soaked face


“Don’t do this to me Debrah. I might not have told you this before but those tears shatter me each time I see them.” He paused, removed his glasses, wiped a drop of water at the edge of his eyes.
“What is still puzzling me is your mum’s attitude. I havnt seen her here ever since you started coming for check ups. Why? This is too much for a 13 year-old girl like you”. He sighed.

But dear, you should be grateful that this isn’t HIV/AIDS, nothing is impossible for God to do okay. I’m sure He will see you through this” He managed to flash a smile.
Debrah was too weak to return the smile, “Forget about my mum Doc, let me quickly rush to the laboratory…” She stood up

” No.” He removed his eye glasses again. “Tell me what I don’t know. Is she your real mother”
Debrah nodded. “I’m her replica. the resemblance is striking. She just vowed never to have anything to do with me ever since she learnt of my ailment, she told me to give her a space and let her focus on my younger ones. Don’t worry, Doc, I would take care of myself”

At age 13? What does she want you to do? This is preposterous”
Doctor Josh was about kicking the engine of his car and driving out of the hospital premises when he saw a nurse rushed towards her
“What is it” he wound down the glass of his car
” Debrah was rushed in now, right now she’s placed on oxygen, her friends said she collapsed after taking 2 bottles of coke”
“Oh My God! This is unbelievable?”
He jumped out of the car weeping profusely.

(To be continued on friday)