How does that sound? The same Van Persie who has been putting up spectacular performances this season not a real striker?
Once considered to be the best player on the pitch, Legendary Dutchman Wim Van Hanegem strongly believes 28year-old Robin Van Persie is not a real No.9.

“Van Persie is one of the stars of the Premier League, scores loads of goals, and Arsenal completely depend on him. However, I don’t think he’s a real striker.

“He has been turned into a striker at Arsenal and he often stays high up the pitch for them. However, he always drops deeper in Oranje because it takes longer before he gets the ball in the national team than at Arsenal. 

“That makes him less efficient and that’s why he shouldn’t play up front for Oranje. I’d like to see Huntelaar as striker, with Van Persie behind him and Robben from the right. We can pretty much leave the left wing unoccupied.”

Whereas Ray Parlour (Arsenal Legend) believes RVP’s absence in Arsenal will ruin the club.

This Van man shouldn’t say this in a viewing center, he might be lynched. Some football fans often go haywire over such statements, trust me, the first thing they’ll trace is his achievements…..before raining all sorts

Notwitstanding, we are entitled to our opinions.