There is certainly more to this than we all think!
At last we can now give a nod to the rumours making rounds about the split of foremost music crew, Mo’hits records headlined by accomplished heavyweights Micheal Collins (Don Jazzy) and Dapo Oyebanjo (Dbanj).
Needless to say these dynamic individuals’ achievements have helped to enrich the history of the Nigerian Entertainment industry.
In their 8 years of relationship, these key players of the entertainment industry topped charts, clinched awards, made huge statements in the country and got bigger on a global scale.
And when news about D’banj’s involvement in American singer, Kanye West’s GOOD music affairs filtered into the air we didn’t see a big deal in it.
Infact, to ardent fans and followers of the crew it was an enormous step up in their career, this was followed up by congratulatory/goodwill messages over social networks (mostly twitter).
But along the line, Don Jazzy couldn’t cope with the excesses of his long time friend, D’banj who apparently is enjoying in his new haven and can no longer concentrate on the homefront. (Perhaps that wasn’t part of their agreement).
We all thought it was a slight crack in the fence which will soon close up but unfortunately rather than get repaired, it has been demolished.
Few days ago, we learnt of D’banj’s controversial interview in a certain Ebony Magazine claiming Mo’hits was solely his. Most people thought he was high on some expensive stuffs but later on the story got so much panel beaten that we almost did not know what to believe again.

Don Jazzy today March 17th, 2012 ‘approached’ twitterville not to strengthen his tradition of distributing recharge cards but to end anxieties, worries and perhaps nightmares ‘heaped overtime’ by both concerned and unconcerned fans.
His tweets didn’t only send shivers into spines but got others battling their eyelids for clearer vision, attracted genuine/counterfeit lamentation and ‘shedding of real or twit-tears.
The truth is this development is painful. Personally Don Jazzy’s absence in the Oliver Twist video is so large and unexpected. I don’t want to get biased cos there’s more to this.
Here goes Don Jazzy’s tweets:
Good day friends. So sorry i have been away for long as i have been going through some changes in my life.
It is with a heavy heart that i announce the end of a long Era and the beginning of a new One
Some of the Rumours U have all heard recently re sad but true.
The way forward now is to make sure i keep bringing you guys more of the beautiful music y’all love to dance to.
And to end d old era i will b donating d proceeds of my production catalogue from day 1 till date to 5 charity organizations. Thanks. IDJA”

But the question is, Why did this happen? Should we adopt our usual “God knows best” parlance? What happens next?
Let’s console ourselves in the “Life goes on cliche