Tamara Eteimo

Dormitory 8,  a funny and exciting drama series which dwell on the lifestyle of students as well as wits, twists and happenings around the campus is hitting television stations once again. Now in its fourth season and produced by Digital Interactive Media, (producers of Next Movie Star, Supermom reality TV shows), the series feature some erstwhile contestants of the Next Movie Star reality show.

Speaking on her lead role as Ibinabo, a cunning, spiteful, egoistic, pretentious and avaricious student who relies on men for her needs, Tamara Eteimo, winner, Next Movie Star, 2011 said acting the part was really tough.
‘According to the Uniport graduate, ‘I dont possess all those qualities i displayed in the soap. i grew up with very strict, religious parents. It was tough but I’m sure I gave it my best shot considering the accolades the director heaped on me.” 
Shot on locations in Ogun State and directed by cinematographer cum specialist Dotun Taylor, the soap will start airing in April.