I’m sure Nollywood actress, Annie Macaulay hasn’t recovered from the shock. And to people who asked these questions…2face? Propose? Ít must be a joke! Are you for real? Finally? You can’t be serious? It has happened oo and you all should mind your businesses.lol
This I’m sure has been termed one of the biggest surprises of the century, when the news broke out today that renowned musician, 2face Idibia proposed to her age-long girlfriend and mother of one of his children, Annie Macaulay last night at JJ Okocha’s club 10. I was shocked but equally happy for the two lovebirds.
I knew Annie Macaulay right from plantashun boiz era and when he became a solo artiste. After his first armed robbery attack, Annie was right beside him in bed.
And years later when other women started coming in, I was like…..what happened? And when Annie got her own share of love, I was like this is real action film.
Now that 2face has proposed, I hope his ‘spirited attempt’ to become a father of different nations or the ‘beautiful dream of producing a football team or teams won’t be pursued.
Now that 2face has proposed, I hope marriage plans will follow.
Now that 2face has proposed, I hope we stop hearing ugly stories.
Now that 2face has proposed I hope people who advised him (at one point in time) to stop spreading the love will at least pop some champagne.lol
Now that 2face has proposed I hope protests by some factions would spring up. #okbye

Sisto, pls keep flaunting that ring.