And who says this isn't possible? Self-acclaimed 'Special One' Jose Mourinho is considering a return to English football with former club Chelsea.
The incumbent Real Madrid manager also showed interest in Manchester United this season.
Meanwhile Andre Villas-Boas, Chelsea boss is already under pressure at Chelsea, as the club are fourth in the Premier League ladder and 12 points behind Manchester City and United.
Mourinho, It would be recalled led the Blues to back-to-back titles in the last decade and could be set for a second stint at Stamford Bridge.

According to an anonymous source, 'Jose would go back to Chelsea, he knows things are a mess there right now. He also knows it would be difficult to go back and make the same impact as before. Winning the Premier League title back to back in his first two years at a club that had not been champions for 50 years was incredible. That's why he's still loved by the fans and why he still loves the club. They were special days. But before agreeing, he would want things very clear between him and Roman Abramovich. He would say "Roman, you are the owner and I am the boss here. Let's work together and the power is in our hands".

Wow! Football fans especially The Blues-supporter, what do you think? In actual fact, Mourinho was the reason I supported Chelsea and the only reason I left….What if the special one comes back?