The picture above is National Sports Commission facebook profile picture, the last time we all checked, facebook was FREE, payment in any kind or form was no prerequisite in opening the social site. This morning, I came across the story (according to Tribune report) of how National Sports Commission opened a Facebook account for N1.2 million and till now, I’m still wondering what went wrong. Perhaps there are stuffs we don’t know, did they employ the services of web designers, cartoonists, graphic artists to make the commission’s facebook page look superb or are they ‘planning to furnish and install gadgets inside? Too many questions begging for answer.
My interest and that of well meaning Nigerians are piqued and we want to know how it happened.
The Director General of the National Sports Commission,  Patrick Ekeji has however been summoned by the House of Representatives over this issue as well as his commission’s expenditures, including N3.7billion for the 10th All Africa Games.

According to the report:
“He will also give appraisal of how various expenditure was handled by the Commission from 2009-2011.
“When Chief Ekeji came to the Assembly last week, he was asked to make available relevant documents relating to the expenditure to the last All Africa Games in Maputo.
“He (Chief Ekeji) is expected to defend how he transferred monies to 19 sports federation;  N1,200,000.00 (One million, two hundred thousand naira) used in opening Facebook account for the National Sport Commission; N182, 124, 179,000.00 used in rehabilitating the National Stadium in Lagos, and another N117,875,820.95 used in rehabilitating the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium (Liberty Stadium) Ibadan. Ekeji will also provide warrant of approval by President Goodluck Jonathan for him to expend the sum of N350,000,000.00 from the yet to be approved 2012 Budget for the London 2012 Olympic Game.”

Just checked through the page, it has 5, 468 likes and there’s nothing outstanding about it…..Explanation pls!!

Source: Ynaija