Renowned Nollywood director Ruke Amata is back with another blockbuster, ‘Past came calling’-a movie which dwells on the misconception the whites majority have over the blacks in diaspora.
The producer who relocated to the United Kingdom few years back has also been grooming upcoming African actors in diaspora via his “Class Act UK”reality TV show. It also aims at giving winners an opportunity to act alongside established African stars.
“The Past Came Calling” stars Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha, John Dumelo, Oliver Jolliffe, Penelope Bouchot Humbert, Demetri Turin and Class Act UK 2011 winner, Marie Kumba Gomez. The premiere will be held on the 17th of feburary at the Greenwich Odeon London and also in Nigeria during the Easter period.
Ruke explained further that, ‘In London, the blacks are discriminated against, in terms of getting roles in major productions. What I did was to assemble them and advised that we should start off our own productions and by the time,  do quality productions and do it long enough such that when the whites behold our productions, they will be forced to incorporate us in their own productions. That’s how I started the ‘Class Act’.