Hello viewers, I want to specially welcome you to an interesting segment, a weekly music-inclined show called The Radio Hit Show.
What specifically obtains here is a review of songs by guest panelists, ranging from musicians to bloggers. This would be featured on the blog at least once in a week.
This is the 21st episode titled, "Vina of BBA gets undeserved credit , please read and feel free to drop your comments.

"Sup folks?!
I'm guessing that most successful musicians
assume that their fans truly care about them, well
at a point, the world couldn't care less about
Michael Jackson or Mase. Yet you will always find
some guys that figure a way to make themselves
relevant like Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, 2Face & Jay-Z.
If you are an artist the trick is to connect with
your fans regularly, cause if you take a long
break, it is possible that your fans would have
changed by the time you get back… free advice
Special thanks to this week's guest, who was able
to make the studio despite the current situation
in Nigeria. He prefers to be called iRepGoodMusic
maybe that's why he represented the ear's of the
average listener, so had no mercy as he
unleashed the alarming truth on every track.
Even me I fear… lhl.
This week the following songs were under our
spotlight, hence reviewed by the kick-ass panel;
1. Shayne feat. Brymo & Vina – I Will Rise
2. G-Mac feat. Shank – One For The Road
3. Styl Plus feat. Sunky – Alive
4. GT Da Guitarman – Excuse Me Sir
5. Otunba feat. D-Gates & Sammie – Happening
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