Acclaimed as UK's biggest restaurant, about 60, 000 diners stormed Za Za Bazaar restaurant during December 2011 (equivalent to the entire population of a city the size of Torquay, the native population of Venice – or one in ten people living in Bristol).
The bristol-based brand which has provided employment for about 130 people hopes to looking to employ an additional 30 roll out 1,000 jobs over the next 18 months to employees, including waiting staff, receptionists and section heads.
According to Bristol Executive Chef, Vinay Reddy, "Adventure and live cooking are at the heart of the restaurant concept, which sets cuisine from India, China, Japan, the Far East, South America and Europe against vivid backdrops, reflecting the cultures from which it originates. We are totally uncompromising in employing the best chefs and investing in the freshest, highest quality ingredients. "We have been delighted by the early success of our new brand, which has broken all our targets. People have tried our food, liked it and brought their friends and families – and Za Za Bazaar is a great place for big parties and celebrations. Now we plan the roll out of our concept across the UK. Originality and quality will be the hallmarks of our new venues. We will spend in the region of £2 – £3million on each restaurant, creating 120 – 150 jobs at each.". He concluded.

Wow! Looking forward to visiting Za Za Bazaar someday and see things for myself. One thing that fascinates me about this is the employment it has generated and still about to. A big weldone to the team.