A chinese named eGuangzhou Evergrande is fully set to make 33 year-old chelsea striker, Didier Drogba the world's richest player beating Samuel Eto's £350,000 a week record if he joins the club.
Though the Ivorian's contract expires at the end of the season, he wants a longer deal than the one-year offer on the table at Stamford Bridge.
Interested in Drogba include Tottenham, AC Milan, Shanghai Shenhua, Dalian Aerbin. Dalian Aerbin is offering a three-year deal worth £30million Or £200,000 a week – but Super League champions Evergrande is prepared to pay more than Eto'o £350,000 a week.
Speaking about the offers, Drogba's agent, Thierno Seydi stated that 'he's had the offer of a one-year extension from Chelsea, but that does not suit us. At his age, he has nothing left to prove as a player. Once you are well into your thirties, you have to go to a club where you can be certain you'll be able to pay your bills.
He will go where he is offered the most money. It could be the United States, Qatar, Russia or somewhere in Asia.
He'll go wherever he feels good from a financial point of view.'

The offers aint bad at all, why am I not related to either Drogba or Eto'o?

Source: BBC