Za Za Bazaar a two-storey restaurant in Bristol has been reported to be the biggest restaurant in the UK. The 30,000 sq eatery took 3 months to refurbish and can seat over 1,000 customers with two sittings per night. With 120 staff including 30 chefs, the restaurant will serve food from all four corners of the globe.
According to Nitin Bhatnagar, a renowned international chef and the restaurant owner, “It is the first of a new nationwide chain of eight restaurants, we are creating something entirely new for the UK restaurant market. No one else is creating food fresh on the scale that we are doing at Za Za Bazaar.”
At Za Za Bazaar, a meal costing £12.99 during the week will go for £15.99 in the evening. The restaurant hopes to create over 1,000 jobs and establish about five or six sites across the country in 2012.

The restaurant will serve up:

A whole truck load of vegetables every day
1,300kg of rice every week
60kg of pasta per day
15kg of fresh ravioli prepared on the premises each day
18kg of pizza flour used to make fresh pizzas every day
4,000 bread rolls baked on the premises on a Saturday
2,500 chickens every four days
1,000kg of beef a week
Diners will be able to select their ingredients which will then be cooked fresh for them.

Source: Dailymail